Goodreads Reading Challenge List

Hello friends,

I decided I would like to share with you all the books I have read and the books that I’m reading.

As I move closer and closer to my goal of reading 50 books this year, I will be constantly updating this list. ( A very nice feature of WordPress that I am grateful for.) Please be sure to follow along with my book reading journey with the link to my Goodreads below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and for being interested in my blog. I hope everyone is enjoying their own reading challenges as well as summer.



Next Writing Prompt

Good morning Friends!

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed my first writing prompt. Here is the next one:

Write a short story in which you are the villain.

This is going to be a lot of fun to write-especially since my favorite characters in books, movies, tv shows and video games are usually the antagonists. I feel like I can get more into character for this story because of how much I tend to love villains. I can’t wait to share this with y’all and most importantly, I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your own. Happy writing!



*This prompt is from 642 Things To Write About it’s a fun diary styled writing prompt journal that I’m getting my prompt ideas from.

First Writing Prompt: Perfect Day of an Astronaut

Good morning friends!

Today I will be sharing my part of the writing prompt that I posted on January 9th. I couldn’t decide between two ways of writing this prompt, so I thought I would share both of them. The first one is more of a laundry list idea-writing out from start to finish the “perfect” day of myself as an astronaut. The second I decided to do it as a response letter to an inquiry from a small child.

A Perfect Day in the Life of an Astronaut

  • Start my morning out with a nice, hot breakfast of farm fresh eggs, hickory smoked bacon, and some mutligrain toast with a bit of butter and a little honey
  • Enjoy a nice morning cup of tea to myself in a blissful silence
  • Go out for a nice morning walk or run, depending on how I’m feeling
  • Head over to work to see what new missions might look like as well as who will be on my crew
  • If there is a meeting about an upcoming mission, I’d be nce if everyone contributed their ideas and brainstormed together the possibilities that lie ahead of us
  • Meeting goes well and everyone decides to go out for lunch together; getting to meet and talk with new people is a wonderful experience
  • Once lunch is over, go back to work- start by map out the mission plan and future goals with the Crew
  • Do some physical training to keep my body in tip-top shape
  • After an eventful day of work, have a wonderful, cozy evening to myself
  • Making a nice and comforting dinner
  • Settle into the evening with some cozy clothes, a cup of tea, some jazz softly playing in the background and a good book until I head to bed to do it all over again the next day

Dear Mr. Redcrest,

What is a perfect day like for an astronaut?

Jenny Sanderson, age 8

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for asking such a fantastic question! There is a lot of things one could say makes a perfect day, but to me, nothing is more perfect than being an astronaut. To fly amongst the stars-journeying across this vast and beautiful galaxy-that to me makes me truly happy. I belive to have a good day, one must have a good mindset-and a good breakfast. You can’t soar amongst the stars on an empty stomach! That being said, a healthly mind needs a healthy body! I always make sure to have time in my morning and evening for a nice healthy jog. It keeps me active and ready for any mission that lies ahead. As an explorer of space, I need to make sure that I have all my supplies at the ready and to prepare myself for space travel. It helps that I have such a wonderfully smart and helpful team of fellow space explorers to journey with! Together, we work as a team to plan out what each mission will be like. For example, we could be planning to head to the moon to study it’s surface. To do that, we need to make sure we have plenty of the necessities like food, water, shelter, and plenty of air. We also need to prepare ourselves by exercising our bodies and minds to deal with the drastic change in gravity. It can put a lot of stress on ourselves, so proper training here on Earth can make it easier to deal with. We spend a lot of time in simulation environments here at the space station. This way when we do go to the moon, we’re more prepared and use to what the changes are-which makes the mission a little easier to do. Thinking ahead and being prepared not only makes for a great astronaut, it also helps everyone with achieving their dreams and goals. I hope that you continue to shoot for the stars of your dreams, Jenny, and that you have yourself a perfect day.


Drake Redcrest

I hope you enjoyed my pieces for this writing prompt. It was a lot of fun to do. For the next prompt, I will post it tomorrow morning. Moving forward, I would like to post a writing prompt each week. If you would like to participate in a writing prompt or have any you would like to see me do, please share by commenting below! Sharing is caring, and I would love to hear what you think.

Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2019

Good morning my friends!

Since the new year is about new goals, new challenges, and new beginnings, I thought I would share one of my goals that maybe you’d like to participate in too. This year, I want to strive to read 50 books. As someone who loves to read, and loves to challenge themselves, I feel this is going to be a really great adventure to add to my new year. Last year, I don’t feel as though I read enough, and as such, I really want to change that. I have a long list of books I’d like to read, so I’m excited to finally be able to get around to them. To help me with this reading challenge, I’m using Goodreads to record my progress towards my goal. I used it last year to visually see how much I’ve read, and that’s what’s inspired me to make this challenge for myself. I have posted a link below if you would like to see what I’m reading and where I am at with my progress. I’ll make sure to add it to my about page as well. I’ll also make sure to post updates on here and on my twitter as the year unfolds.

On another note, I would love to hear how you’re making your own reading challenges and what you’re hoping to read into this new year. What are some of your new year’s goals?

Looking forward to jumping into this reading challenge year with y’all!


Bee’s Goodreads account

1st Writing Prompt Challenge of 2019

Good evening friends,

As you may know from my new year’s post, I’m looking to challenge myself to write more with writing prompts. Tonight, I’m going to share the first one that I am working on. I decided to use my writing prompt book titled “642 Things To Write About” by The San Franciso Writers’ Grotto to some use. Instead of using it for the purpose of a personal journal, I think I will look through it and pick prompts that I find interesting to share here. The first one I’ve decided to pick is: “You are an Astronaut. Describe your perfect day.”

I will share what I come up with for this prompt on Wednesday January 16, 2019.

Please feel free to join in. If you would like to share your writing prompts, you can comment on this post or the one I will make on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of stories you come up with. Until then, happy writing!



P.S. If you are interested in purchasing this book, here’s a link: 642 Things to Write About

New Year with New Ideas

Happy New Year Friends! Another amazing year is upon us, and I just can’t wait to share some of what I’d like my New Year to look like.

This is my first one year anniversary with The Little Life of Bee. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts, and to follow my blog. It’s thanks to people like you who keep me motivated and moving forward with making this dream a reality. I’m truly grateful for your support, it means the world to me. I hope that this New Year is treating you well, and will continue to, and that you’ll join me on my writing journey.

This year, I decided to make a list of goals for myself that I’d love to share with you all.

Goals for 2019:

I want to have my blog be more frequent than I did in the last year. This has been the most I’ve written in years, but I want to keep my passion for writing alive and I feel to help with this, I want to start making more posts on a weekly basis-working my way into a daily one. I know this is going to take a lot of work, but I feel with my consistency and determination, I can see myself making this happen. I have a lot of fun ideas in mind to keep me interested and I hope you’ll like them too.

One of my ideas is to post and do some writing promps. You’re more than welcome to participate, in fact, I highly encourage it! If you’re enjoying my work and may be struggling with where to start with your own writing, I feel that writing promps are a great way to get the creative writing juices flowing. I have a few books full that I’d personally like to complete, but I will also seek out ones from websites and post links appropriately. I’d love to see what stories you come up with. Feel free to share them on your own blogs or just comment below the writing prompt posts.

As you know, last year I was working on my first book in April with Camp NaNoWrimo. I’m looking forward to continuing that story this year and hopefully completing it. I definitely want to get back into Camp NaNoWriMo for both April and July as well as post my progress with it on here again. I’m not sure what stories I’ll come up with, but I will be sure to share them when I know what I want to write.

I definitely want to do more reviews this year as well. I’m currently working on some book reviews, and I have some tea ones brewing in the works. Other than those reviews, I was thinking of just talking about some of my other interests and hobbies on here as well. As some of you know, I love to draw, and really want to continue drawing more and more. It’s always been such a beautiful and creative outlet for me other than writing, and I find a lot of joy and relaxation in it. Maybe someday I’ll make a comic of my own! Speaking of comics, there are a few I’d also like to talk about on here. If you or anyone you know that makes comics, please feel free to share and comment their work below! I am a fan of independant comic artist-and writers as well, and am always up for new material to vview and read.

If there are things you as a viewer of my blog would like to see more of in the future, please feel free to comment below. I am always open for suggestions and love to try new things, and I love hearing from you all!

May your new year be as wonderful as you make it. I look forward to sharing mine with you.



DAVIDsTEA Toasted Walnut Tea Review

Good Afternoon Friends,

Today I’d like to talk about this really wonderful tea I tried for the first time today. As you may or may not know, I am not usually a fan of green tea, but once again, my expectations have been blown away by another one of DAVIDsTEA’s.

Toasted Walnut-Green Tea-Low Caffeine
Steeping: 3 minutes at 170ºF (76ºC) – .18oz (5g) tea- 16oz ( 475ml) mug
Aroma: light fresh grass, coconut, tropical fruit, maple walnut
Flavor: light, earthy, and vegetal with a perfect blend of coconut, pineapple, and nuttiness
Liquor: light golden honey

If I had to describe this tea, I find this tea to be perfect for the transition of seasons: from it’s light, sweet tropical fruit taste of Summer that moves into a welcoming of the warmth and hearty nut flavor that’s reminiscent of Autumn. I mainly enjoy and prefer black, pu’erh, and lapsang teas because of their boldness and earthiness. This tea felt to me that it possessed that earthiness but without that bold intensity that black and earthy teas have, which is a nice change. All around, I found this tea to be very enjoyable, and I definitely plan to order this in the future!

One thing, of many things, that I like about DAVIDsTEA’s is their sample sizes and variety of said samples. When you spend a certain amount on their tea, you’re able to choose up to 3 samples. They’re a small .18oz(5g) package of tea with it’s name, description, ingredients, and brewing instructions. To me, I find this very thoughtful and helpful for those whom either have allergies/sensitivities, or people like me who want to know how to get the most out of their cuppa with some recommended instructions. The only thing I would change about the samples is the brewing temperature indicator. For example, on the toasted walnut tea sample, it just states that the water should be hot without a direct temperature. I feel that adding an actual temperature suggestion would be more efficient for proper brewing, especially for someone new to tea. All around, I was really impressed with this tea, and would rate for a green tea, an 8/10.

I have a few more sample packs to try and review, so please look forward to more tea reviews soon!

Here is a link to the tea for those interested as well as a link to the sample pack that it comes in.

Toasted Walnut Tea
David’s Top 12

Thank you for stopping by to read my review!