A Week of Reflection-First Saturday Post

Hello and Good Morning Friends,

I hope you all had a nice week, especially with the holiday in the middle of it. There’s quite a bit I have to reflect on from this week, mainly a lot of what I’ve thought about between posts, and so, I’d like to do some sharing here.

If I may, I am quite proud of myself for coming up with a set schedule for my blog, and so far, sticking to it. I think it’ll not only work perfect for me to keep in a constant flow of writing, but I think it will also help to keep this dream of mine alive by being more organized about it. I always have something on my mind, especially ideas for posts that I have, so I’m glad that I found a way to narrow down my ideas to set days so that I’m not so overwhelmed to write/come up with material to “be entertaining.” The whole point of my blog, is for me to convey my happiness in what I find that brings peace to me: that peace is tea and books. That being said, I wish the tea that I had ordered came in before Valentine’s Day so that I could have had the time to review and talk about it, but that’s okay. If it’s here before this coming Wednesday, I’ll be able to do so, if not, I have a few other teas in mind.

If there’s something I have learned from this week, it’s always have a back up plan waiting and on the ready. I have a whole cupboard full of tea that I can’t wait to talk about, so I think what I will more than likely do is spend this weekend organizing what ones I want to do and when I’d like to do them. I’m truly excited to be able to put to paper so many of the teas I’ve purchased.

Another note of learning that I wanted to talk about really quick, is themes. I honestly love celebrating holidays (even the silly internet ones like, for example, National Pizza Day) and I would love to start making posts about my thoughts on them, what teas I’m drinking that go with it, maybe some treats and books to go with it as well, just to make it more fun than it already is. Since I didn’t receive my tea order in time, which actually had a Valentine’s themed tea in it, there is always next year, as well as time to do a late post about it. Speaking of holidays, I actually like celebrating a lot of pagan ones, and would love to incorporate my adventures through the lovely world of witchcraft on here and how it’s been a really positive impact on my life.

Speaking of positive influences, other than writing up my blog, I’ve gotten back into keeping a diary again! It’s been very helpful to write out a lot of my thoughts and my to day life. I feel very grounded from it, and it’s nice to be able to look back and see what was going on in my mind that day, and reflect on it.

The main reason I wanted to make a reflection post every week is, there is always something that I have on my mind and I feel that it’s good to take the time and think back on what I can do different, to improve or keeping moving forward with something. I am very big on embracing change-in all aspects of my life. I am an ever-ready and growing person, and I am willing to accept that I make mistakes and take risks to improve on my development. Yes, I wish I was better at this, and could be more detail oriented with my thoughts and feelings, and I will be, with the more time, love and care I put into my work. I know I can do; just one day at a time-baby steps. As someone who loves to learn and grow, I am always open to feedback and would be more than happy to hear from you guys and what you’re reflecting on as well.

Thank you to all of you whom have taken the time to watch me start on my adventure in blogging, and whom enjoy it. I appreciate it. Tomorrow starts a new week, and that means, a new post.



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