Week of Reflection

Good morning, Friends!

This has been such an eventful week for myself. Between my first tea and book review, to the discovery of a really wonderful author, I’d say it’s been a great success.

While looking back on my tea/book review, there’s a lot I liked about how I went about executing my thoughts on the matter, but I have a few ideas in mind as to what I’d like to do differently in the future. For starters, since I was trying so hard not to spoil the story for those of you whom have never read an Agatha Christie novel, or just this book in general, I feel that I could have at least delivered a little more creative thought about lines that I took note that I really liked. There was a lot of times throughout the book, where Poirot’s wittiness really got a giggle out of me as well as inspired me and so, I took note but could not for the life of me figure out at the time how to place it in the context of the review I was writing. Also, to be fair, I did read the book in an entire day-actually the day before- which really limited my energies to such details. In the future, I have a better outline/plan for such book reviews to give you, dear friends, a more thoughtful approach to what I enjoyed. This isn’t a bad reflection to have, quite honestly. As you know, I am very big on improving myself in any way that I can-especially with my writing. Something positive I noticed when doing that particular review was what it felt like to be in the moment of writing – that feeling of total focus and devotion to my words flowing from the blooming creativity of my mind. Having that in mind, pun intended, holding onto that feeling and knowing full well what helps for me to get my writing spark, I feel will help me grow as a writer too.

After I had finished my review of Murder on the Orient Express I couldn’t wait to tell my mother about what a wonderful and inspiring book that I had just read. In her casual, nonchalant way, she tells me a story of her own. Growing up, her mother (my wonderful grandmother) always had a love of  books and was particularly partial to mystery novels. Every summer, when there wasn’t a lot to do, she would let my mother read books out of her own personal collection. My grandmother had, at the time, all of Agatha Christie’s books because she was a huge fan of her and let my mother read the Murder on the Orient Express. Though she hasn’t read it since, my mother has enjoyed her works, and was delighted to hear of me picking up one and enjoying it as she had. Another interesting note on this story, around the time that my mother was getting into Agatha Christie, my grandmother and her were both excitedly discussing what the newest show they had heard of called “Murder, She Wrote” was going to be like-and if the main character was going to be based off Agatha Christie herself! I think that part was my favorite to hear, since all three of us are huge fans of that show. Maybe, I’ll do some reviews of my favorite episodes in the future. We’ll have to wait and see.

In closing, my final thoughts on Agatha Christie are pretty sound-I’m truly inspired by how she can not only tie a story together, but how she makes that story flow so smoothly really has me in awe. I think if I should ever write a story someday, that it be a mystery for everyone to enjoy. On that note, I will see you all tomorrow for what the week ahead holds.



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