Week of Reflection

Hello and Good Morning Friends!

As March seems to be coming in strong as a lion, the recent blizzard on the 2nd of March has really made quite the bother for me to be able to post (let alone write here on WordPress) so please bear with me if I make this post seem rather short. Storm or no storm, I still like to be orderly and timely with my posts. That being said, I actually had to cancel a tea date with a friend of mine because of the two feet of snow, but, I am planning on going to a different place next week with them to make up for it, so that’s something to look forward to.

There’s a lot that I think and feel about the Roji post that I made on Wednesday and, as this is a Week of Reflection post, here’s some of my thoughts about it. Since this is my second review, something I want to do for future posts is make a ranking system. I think this would improve the overall level of satisfaction/dissatisfaction of the experience, and it would give me something extra to add creatively to this blog. I personally, when looking into places to eat, shop, etc use reviews and rating systems to come to a conclusion about said place to know what it is I can expect out of it. I think I might keep it simple for now and do my rating on a scale of one to five, and go from there.

In my future trips to Roji posts, I think I would like to review more of their teas-particularly ones I have yet to try. I’m all about trying new things, especially when it comes to tea. I’m a huge fan of black teas and Pu-erhs, so I’m torn between Jin Jun Mei, which they describe as a black tea with floral tones and a sweet aftertaste, and their Ripe Pu-erh which is noted to have a dark, earthy taste and a thick flavor. Either way, they’ll be reviewed at one point or another. I’m hoping to frequent Roji more once the weather is nicer, so look forward to more Roji tea reviews.

I hope that in the future, I can set up an interview with the owner, Christian Van Luven, about his tea lounge and tea in general. I have so many questions for him about his lovely tea retreat and would be honored to meet and speak with him.

One of the things that I am enjoying about writing more is, how much I’m learning as I go. The more I look back on my posts, I always think of how I can make them better, and honestly, I’m very proud of myself for sticking to writing in this blog. I really do want to make my dream of becoming a writer come true, and I feel that with this blog, one step at a time, I’m actually getting there, and it feels amazing. Speaking of writing, I won’t give too much away, but due to some recent writing inspiration, I found a new review topic for next week.

On that note, I’ll see you guys tomorrow for my Week Ahead post. You won’t want to miss it!



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