Week of Reflection

Good Morning, Friends!

This has been quite an exciting and mindfully adventurous week for me. From taking such a big step into doing Camp NaNoWrimo, I’ve felt so much more inspired to bring this idea of a story to life in a few weeks. Ever since I’ve decided on what I’m going to write, I can’t stop thinking about all the possibilities I have with my story. To calm my brain down a bit, I’ve made up a flow chart with my ideas. This helps me visually with what I’ve come up with and gives me a sense of focus and direction. As of yet, I cease to be overwhelmed by such an interesting topic. I’ve always liked writing stories from an outside perspective-one where I give a humanistic approach to animals, objects, and places by giving a naive look into their thoughts, ideas, and feelings about whatever might concern them. For example, in high school, I wrote a story about what a woman’s purse thought of her, as well as felt about her and itself for an English class assignment. My teacher at the time, whom I felt was a little too hard to please, ask me if they could keep my story because they loved it that much. To this day, I still reflect on that moment as one of my best in regards to my writing. I hope that story still inspires them.

On Wednesday, the 7th of March, I spent the afternoon with a dear friend of mine, talking about our lives and ideas over a lovely lunch at a cafe I adore in Liverpool, NY. We mainly talked about different books we were into as well as new discoveries we’ve made at our local library-for me it was several Scandinavian writers whom were women that I found myself gravitating towards, for her it was a bunch of classics that she hasn’t explored in ages. This whole afternoon was so uplifting and peaceful for me; I can’t tell you the last time I’ve made such a wonderful connection with someone, especially on such a deep and profound level of respect and admiration. My friend, she has by far, the most sincere and deepest thoughts on the world around her, that I can’t help but feel so honored to having the chance to meet her and become her friend. She makes me want to be more of an active writer, more so than I already am, and in that, I am forever grateful.

Since talking with her about such a love of writing, I have purchased after a long waiting, two books to assist me on my journey into the realm of writing. On arrived yesterday, the 9th of March, and one has yet to arrive due to unforeseen weather conditions. The one that arrived yesterday is the writer’s workbook Ready, Set, Novel! by Chris Baty, Lindsey Grant, and Tavia Stewart-Streit. I’ll be using this one from both Camps and for NaNoWriMo this November. I skimmed through it yesterday, and I must say, I think this will help me develop my story a little more fluidly. I will keep you guys up to date as we approach April. The one I’m currently waiting is No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty. This is one that’s been recommended to me since it first came out by my best friend. I hope the weather clears up so that I can dive into right into this book, but alas, I’ll have to wait. *Update: as I was adding a few things to this post, my book arrived! I can’t wait to check this out!

While I’m waiting, I think I will continue to plug away at my ideas for my story, as well as indulge into some tea. Speaking of tea, I’ve been dying to try some new ones from Adagio Teas, like some of their flavored Matchas, and a few Fire Emblem Awakening fandom blends by a favorite artist of mine. What’s really neat about their site, right now if you spend +$29, you get a sample of their Irish Stout tea for free! I love that they keep coming up with really fun and festive teas. I have yet to try one I didn’t like. That being said, if anyone whom works for Adagio Teas is reading this, I really adored that Halloween sampler you guys made and hope that can come back as a permanent resident on your site.

In closing, I have so much to look forward to-my short story and it’s progress, my tea that I just ordered, and some books that I can’t wait to read and share with you all. Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll be back tomorrow to post about some things for next week.



Here’s some links to some of the books and teas that I mentioned in today’s post:

No Plot? No Problem!
Ready, Set, Novel!

Adagio Teas
Matcha Tea Sampler
Lissa Fire Emblem Awakening Tea
Frederick Fire Emblem Awakening Tea

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