My Introduction to No Plot? No Problem! & Short Story Progress

Good Morning, Friends!

As I stated in an update to my last Saturday, the 10th of March, post that I had received my copy of No Plot? No Problem! as I was typing. If anyone is curious, the copy that I purchased is the revised, updated, and expanded version of the book; copyright 2014 (original 2004.)

Before I read it, the soul purpose of buying this book came from the hype and high praises of several literary friends, one in particular being my best friend. She’s very particular about books, especially about ones that involve writing, so naturally this book peeked my interests. She’s also the person who introduced me to NaNoWriMo to begin with, and for that, I’m very grateful to her. Her introducing this creative writing community has opened up a new way for me to try my hand at writing outside of my normal means of writing. I feel, through all my resources and support, that I’m one step closer to achieving my literary dreams, and I’m looking forward to what this book has to offer me as a tool to achieving said dreams. My expectations of this book, I will admit, are at a high because of the influence of my friends and best friend have on me when it comes to writing; I anticipate that this book will be insightful, easy to follow, chill, humorous, and most important of all, fun.

Starting out with the Preface, some notes that I made that I list under “intrigued to see more details later” are the new ways in which you can fit writing a book into your busy schedule, advice on how to keep yourself from getting distracted, blending your ability to be an author with being a parent, how to revise without over revising your novel, tips and stress relief pep talks from authors who took their books from NaNoWrimo and managed to publish their works. All of this right off the bat has me seriously curious as to what Chris Baty, the author of this book, and these other authors he mentions, have to offer. My favorite note of correction was very inspiring to read-how we don’t have just one book in us to write, that we have the ability to make several novels, that it’s not a limited thing, and that it’s an exciting journey to be apart of.

Leading into the introduction, the tone in which Baty writes is definitely very chill and comes across as an open minded mentor who knows how to blend work and play, and is more than willing for you to learn from their mistakes, and they most certainly have.

The way this book has me feeling about my short story is yet to be determined since I’ve only read the preface and the introduction. I am excited to be taking an idea I’ve had for a long time and putting it out there in the form of a short story. Overall I’m pensive as to how I want my story to go. I have written out a branch of ideas I want to portray within the story, and I’m starting to look into research of different schools of philosophy that I would like to apply to it.

Overall, I am pumped to start putting together my short story. I hope you guys will enjoy reading it once it’s done, and that you’re enjoying my progress as I’m sharing.



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