Prepping for Camp NaNoWriMo

Good morning, Friends!

Today I will be talking about a few things in preparation for Camp NaNoWriMo in the next two weeks. As I am getting ready to bunker down for my month of creative writing bliss, I still need to keep in mind that I have to balance my writing with my every day routine. That said, I’m going to discuss exactly this concept from the first two chapters of No Plot? No Problem! 

Chapter One deals with the importance of setting and following your own deadlines, some tips on how to stay physically active (like taking breaks in between writing with some stretches, making sure you’re comfortable as you write, and knowing when to call it quits for the night.) I’ve made up what will work for me, since I have a somewhat flexible work schedule, I feel like I’ll be able to stick to the plan that I have. Speaking of schedule, I will post on Sunday, the 25th of March what my writing schedule for my blog will look like for April, so stay tuned.

When it comes to working out, I personally, am going to take up some Yoga exercises to help calm my mind, relieve my stress, and to help myself to get back into a physically healthy routine. For a long time, I’ve tossed and turned over the idea of what type of exercise I feel would be best for me to take up, and what I keep coming back to is Yoga. Because I still need to do some research on some local studios I would like to be apart of as well as the different styles of Yoga, I’m just going to follow, for now, 30 days of Yoga with Adriene as something easy to start my journey back into Yoga. Why I decided to choose this particular YouTube channel was on my search, it’s the first search for YouTube yoga that came up, and I’ve also tried out a few of her exercises and really enjoyed how easy it is to follow her direction.

Chapter Two is more about time management and the realism you need to put behind writing your novel. Even though I’m starting out my Camp NaNoWriMo experience with my short story, developing good habits now is essential to more successful story writing for the future. I like that Baty has you write out from start to finish, what your typical day looks like: documenting what time you get up, to the day’s work/activities, and when you go to sleep at night for a week. He has you then prioritize what from your schedule is the most important to what can wait on the back burner for a month by categorizing them as “required, highly desired, or forgo-able.” (Baty 46.) When it comes to scheduling your writing time, it comes down to what works best for you; are you more active in the morning or at night? I feel that I write best at night since it’s when the house I live in is at it’s most silent, which silence helps me focus more on what I’m doing that during the day when I’m more focused on busy work around the house. Also, when it comes to writing, I tend to write every day-which has helped me to keep in the flow of writing. I like that the first half of Chapter Two is tackling procrastination and bad habits and how you can work around your strengths and weaknesses to keep yourself in the mode of writing your novel. (Baty 51.) The second half of the chapter talks more about friends, family, and writing companions and how they can make or break this experience for you.

Since I like to surround myself with lots of bookish people, for me, this will not be hard for me to rely on my support group of other aspiring creative writers and book lovers as I work away at my short story in April. As a reminder, in 5 days the cabins will be assigned, and the writing is to take place in 11 days. You are all welcome to join me, LittleLifeofBee at my cabin called “Camp Busy Bee.” I look forward to not only writing my story, but to share my experience of writing it here.




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