2nd of April; Day 2 of Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp Day: 2
Word Count: 2,036

Good Evening Friends,

Today marks Day 2 of my writing process with my short story. So far, so good. I feel as though I’m getting more of a flow for my writing, even though it’s only the second day of Camp. My focus today has been on the importance of purpose-and how my character perceives that ideal from their observations. After writing my piece, I took some notes of what I would like to add to the section later. For example, more details of certain types of people that this being has observed, and to display what each person symbolizes as a whole. I really want this piece to be more of a philosophical nature, and one that the reader really gets a feel for the “hidden” messages that I am presenting to them. Another aspect that I am working on for this piece is the overall tone and mood. I want to create a consistent tone, but haven’t been able to decide on if I want it to be neutral or not. When it comes to the overall mood, I want to use the way the character views the humanity that it once was apart of and transition the mood from detachment and apathy to acceptance, forgiveness and empathy, especially towards how they take their focus off humanity and more toward them self.

As I am into my second day of writing, I made sure to work out first thing this morning, take my multivitamin for the day, and make sure I had a great breakfast, and of course, a cup of tea before I started off on my journey for the rest of today-especially with balancing out my work life with my writing life. Making a loose schedule has also been a great help along this journey to getting my story to paper. I don’t feel as overwhelmed or on a time constraint since I’ve decided to put goals on each day of what I need to do and get done. As long as I get it done by the end of the day, I feel a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. For example, my schedule today consisted of working out first, followed by my morning routine, work, some grocery shopping, coming home and working on my part of the story for the day. Of course, I do have to agree with Chris Baty when he talked about how everything happens at once when you need to write your story; life happens. It doesn’t put itself on pause for you just because you’re writing a story. If it did, I don’t think I’d have as much drive to accomplish my word goals for the day or any of my goals, if I didn’t have any resistance in my life. Another great tip that I could share with you all is to make sure to take care of yourself while you write. Basic hygiene and food breaks are a good thing to get into a habit of. Being smelly or fatigued doesn’t help with getting your piece to paper, if anything, I’ve found it more helpful to take a nice hot shower to essentially wash away my stress and it gives me a mood boost. If I could describe myself when it comes to my writing, I am a very moody, and my focus usually stems from how I am feeling emotionally. Emotion is a very fundamental and driving force for all my work.

To those of you who are joining me for Camp NaNoWriMo, stay hydrated, stay healthy, and most importantly stay happy. I believe in you, and your story, and wish you all the luck and creative freedom the world can give you. To those of you who are here for the ride, I hope your time here is welcoming and enjoyable.



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