5th of April; Day 5 of Camp

Camp Day: 5
Word Count: 5,027

Good Evening Friends,

Beating my word count every day so far of Camp NaNoWriMo has been such a rewarding and triumphant feeling for myself. This does not mean that writing my story  has been easy. If anything, this has been a really mentally stimulating and challenging thing for me to do as well as keep up with. The more I get into the momentum of writing this story, the more I actually question myself and how I view the characteristics of humanity as a whole. I also believe that if I did any serious research before doing this personal project, I think I might be so overwhelmed about what to add and where, and end up giving up. I’m glad that I went into this, for this month at least, with just an idea and an outline and let the rest just come to me as I go. It’s far more fun and adventurous, since I honestly don’t know what I will put to paper until I actually do.  That being said, I declare to be another success. I hope that to those of you whom are writing that you’re profiting from your journey as much as I am, and enjoying it just as much. To those whom are just here for the ride, I hope you’re having fun and learning along the way.



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