7th & 8th of April; Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp Day: 7 & 8
Word Count: 8,052

Good Evening, Friends & Fellow Campers,

Congrats on completing Week One of Camp NaNoWriMo, Campers! I feel very proud and accomplished in my ability to be over 8,000 words into my story. I hope those of you who are writing as well are having a great time with your stories and your journey with writing. This weekend I have been busy plugging away at my story, as well as spending some time with friends and family, which reminds me: make sure you take time off writing to go out and socialize. Meeting my friend for an afternoon of tea and thrift shopping really helped me figure out just where I wanted to take my plot and flow of my story, which is similar to what I’ve read about in No Plot? No Problem! The Universe seems to be opening itself up to me in ways I didn’t expect so far this month. Other than pursuing my love of writing, I’ve also had my love of drawing rekindled as well-so if I’m not writing, I’m doodling away. At some point, I’ll share my doodles and drawing techniques with you all. This week, I’ll talk about Week Two from No Plot? No Problem! and I’ll talk about some other fun things that I’ve come across in my journey of writing.




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