9th & 10th of April; Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp Day: 9 & 10
Word Count: 10,038

Good Evening, Friends & Fellow Campers,

We’ve reached a milestone together: over 10,000 words! What an awesome accomplishment. I am honestly have been so into my writing that I have been slacking a bit on my blog posts, so I do so humbly apologize to those of you who do read my posts every day, and I am very grateful to you at the same time. Thank you for continuing to join me on my journey with my short story writing. It’s been hard for me not to try and edit my work as I go, and to just type what I write, which to my surprise, I’ve been doing really well to not edit my work. By not stopping to correct and overthink the sentence I wrote, I just remind myself that editing is for later, right now, I need to focus on getting my story to paper and that there will be time later for editing. Watching my character’s progression with their thoughts on different human concepts has been interesting-mainly because my goal is to transition from one solid mindset, to epiphany to a new understanding and way of thinking. I want to give my reader the feeling of watching a flower come into bloom with the way that my character develops. I’m looking forward to portraying this more as I go. I’ve even written this on the top of my outline that I see every day to keep that focus there.

Other than writing, I’ve also taken up drawing again. I think in the next few posts, I’ll share some of my art with you guys, to see what you think of it. That being said, I might even make cover art for the story that I’m currently working on as well. I will keep you all posted.




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