11th & 12th of April; Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp Day: 11 & 12
Word Count: 12,048

Good Evening Friends & Fellow Campers,

Wow, we’re twelve days into our writing camp, and I must say, I can’t get over how quickly this feels like it’s going! I’m honestly looking forward to getting past the next few days so that I can jump into talking about, in my story, more from the internal perspective of the main character since up until this point I’ve been talking more about the world around this character. I’ve been struggling to chug forward, but, I’ve been moving forward regardless. I’ve also wanted to stop and research some different ideas for my short story, which I made myself promise to do after the whole story is written instead. The reasoning is, I know how I am when it comes to research. I can be so immersed in it that all I will want to do is focus on that and not actually putting my story to paper. To keep myself from giving into this tempting distraction, I have written a reminder to myself that as a reward for finishing my story on time, I will do as much research and editing after I have reached my goal of 30,000. The more that I keep seeing myself push forward and accomplish my daily writing goals, the more excited I get about editing and looking into how to make my story even more awesome. I am really glad that I decided to put myself up to this challenge. It’s been very healing towards my personal growth as well as my self esteem. I am not use to taking things one day at a time, and honestly, this challenge has taught me that I can make my dreams come true with some patience, understanding, and motivation. I hope that those of you who are writing that you are experiencing some fun with your journey, and that it’s just as rewarding as you wish it to be.



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