1st of June: First of the Month Post; Pride Month

Good Afternoon Friends,

My apologies for not posting for a whole month! As I stated in my last post, my life has been very hectic, and someday I will tell more about that story, but for now, I am getting myself more focused on my path to pursuing my dream of keeping this blog alive with the discussion of my passions, thoughts, and dreams. Again, I thank you all who have been very patient and supportive of my blog, I seriously can’t believe how grateful I am to have so many supportive and wonderful people in my life. That being said, I can’t believe how fast May has flown by us! Moving forward, I’m glad that it’s finally June and that I can openly express myself with LGBTQ Pride Month. For those that don’t know, LGBTQ Pride Month takes place in the month of June. This month was specifically chosen to commemorate the Stonewall Riots at the end of June, 1969 in Manhattan, NY. As a result of this leading the way to the LGBTQ liberation movement, many pride parades, events, and workshops are held during June to recognize the impact that LGBTQ people have had on the world. To me, it’s about celebrating your love for another person openly without judgment or persecution; Love is Love. As a gay woman, it’s been a struggle for me to express this view with the world around me, but over the years, the more I’ve been open and true to myself, the happier I’ve been. I hope to share some of those stories with you all this month as well as some exciting things I’ve found on my journey. Naturally, there’s a few books I’d love to talk about, and some teas that I think would be wonderful as well, so please, look forward to me being more active this month with my posts.