DAVIDsTEA Toasted Walnut Tea Review

Good Afternoon Friends,

Today I’d like to talk about this really wonderful tea I tried for the first time today. As you may or may not know, I am not usually a fan of green tea, but once again, my expectations have been blown away by another one of DAVIDsTEA’s.

Toasted Walnut-Green Tea-Low Caffeine
Steeping: 3 minutes at 170ºF (76ºC) – .18oz (5g) tea- 16oz ( 475ml) mug
Aroma: light fresh grass, coconut, tropical fruit, maple walnut
Flavor: light, earthy, and vegetal with a perfect blend of coconut, pineapple, and nuttiness
Liquor: light golden honey

If I had to describe this tea, I find this tea to be perfect for the transition of seasons: from it’s light, sweet tropical fruit taste of Summer that moves into a welcoming of the warmth and hearty nut flavor that’s reminiscent of Autumn. I mainly enjoy and prefer black, pu’erh, and lapsang teas because of their boldness and earthiness. This tea felt to me that it possessed that earthiness but without that bold intensity that black and earthy teas have, which is a nice change. All around, I found this tea to be very enjoyable, and I definitely plan to order this in the future!

One thing, of many things, that I like about DAVIDsTEA’s is their sample sizes and variety of said samples. When you spend a certain amount on their tea, you’re able to choose up to 3 samples. They’re a small .18oz(5g) package of tea with it’s name, description, ingredients, and brewing instructions. To me, I find this very thoughtful and helpful for those whom either have allergies/sensitivities, or people like me who want to know how to get the most out of their cuppa with some recommended instructions. The only thing I would change about the samples is the brewing temperature indicator. For example, on the toasted walnut tea sample, it just states that the water should be hot without a direct temperature. I feel that adding an actual temperature suggestion would be more efficient for proper brewing, especially for someone new to tea. All around, I was really impressed with this tea, and would rate for a green tea, an 8/10.

I have a few more sample packs to try and review, so please look forward to more tea reviews soon!

Here is a link to the tea for those interested as well as a link to the sample pack that it comes in.

Toasted Walnut Tea
David’s Top 12

Thank you for stopping by to read my review!



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