1st Writing Prompt Challenge of 2019

Good evening friends,

As you may know from my new year’s post, I’m looking to challenge myself to write more with writing prompts. Tonight, I’m going to share the first one that I am working on. I decided to use my writing prompt book titled “642 Things To Write About” by The San Franciso Writers’ Grotto to some use. Instead of using it for the purpose of a personal journal, I think I will look through it and pick prompts that I find interesting to share here. The first one I’ve decided to pick is: “You are an Astronaut. Describe your perfect day.”

I will share what I come up with for this prompt on Wednesday January 16, 2019.

Please feel free to join in. If you would like to share your writing prompts, you can comment on this post or the one I will make on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of stories you come up with. Until then, happy writing!



P.S. If you are interested in purchasing this book, here’s a link: 642 Things to Write About

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